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Supervisor: (815) 562-7360

Assessor: (815) 562-6862

Hwy Dept: (815) 562-7881

Office: 303 W Hwy 38, Rochelle, IL 61068
Mail: PO Box 436, Rochelle IL 61068

Flagg Township complies with the standards set by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  It is the policy of Flagg Township to fill all requests for public documents in a timely a manner.

In order to assist you and have a record of your request, we ask that all requesters complete a FOIA Request Form. Requests can be made by letter, telephone, fax, or email.  

By law, the maximum time to produce the information for routine requests is five business days; commercial requests are 21 business days.  In rare cases, you will be notified, in writing, if an extension is needed.  

Original documents may be viewed. If a copy request is over 50 pages, copies are fifteen cents a page.

Note: when you submit a FOIA request, your information becomes public record.

FOIA Officer Contact Information:

Joanna Patrick, Township Clerk
303 W. Hwy 38, P.O. Box 436
Rochelle, IL  61068
Phone:  815-562-7360
Fax:  815-562-9652

Download Our Mail-In FOIA Request Form

FOIA Request By Email


Schedule Of Duplication

Black and white copies (letter or legal size) No charge for the 1st 50 pages, $0.15 per page thereafter. Certification: $1.00 each. Mailing: Cost of postage.

Flagg Township will respond to every request within 21 business days for commercial purposes and 5 business days from the date of the request for all other requests unless the Township requires an extension pursuant to Section 3(e) of the Act. If an extension is requested or a request is denied, Flagg Township will notify the requestor in writing stating the specific reason or reasons.

 Mail: I request that the Township mail copies of the requested public records to me at the address above. I hereby agree to pay all applicable fees and postage for mailing before the records are mailed.
 Pick Up: I will pick up the requested public records at the Township office. I hereby agree to pay all applicable fees when picking up the records.
 Email: I request that the requested public records be sent to the email specified above.

By submitting this form, you agree that you have read and understand the fees set forth in the "Schedule of Duplication" section. You also understand that all fees must be prepaid.